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How’s the New Year’s Resolutions going?

February 19, 2013

Calvina and NY Resolutions

Whilst you may be feeling like Calvin when people ask this question, have you really stopped to think about it? What did you intend, whether formally or not, for this year? Are you even close to achieving that and was it something that was possible to achieve?

We may consider New Year’s Resolutions as a crock but in reality we make them anyway. We think to ourselves as we greet the 1st of January, “I’m not going to do x, y and z this year. I want this year to be better than the last…” or perhaps it’s more along the lines of, “I want this year to be as great as the last year!” Either way, we are setting our intentions for the year ahead.

Such intentions don’t need to be grandiose or even that impressive to other people. It can be something as seemingly simple as, “I want to be happier.”

One of the children in my kid’s class decided his affirmation for this term of yoga would be, “I am happy.” Another’s was, “I am a yogi.” How beautiful is that? Not to mention, powerful!

So, take some time to reflect on those thoughts you had earlier this year. What did you expect from this year and are you willing to get up and make it happen? Because lamenting a wasted year this New Year’s Eve is going to be far more painful than getting out there and having a go. What do you really have to lose?

Hari om x

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