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Thoughts on Silent Meditation Day

October 18, 2012

So, it’s been nearly a week and I’ve been processing my experiences from the Silent Meditation Day at the Ashram. It was challenging, although I expected that. At times it was difficult to sit through the sessions as my mind was fighting itself. When my mind wasn’t fighting my body was complaining. I was trying every practice that I’d sat down and read about prior to the meditations.

Over the course of the day I experienced every single distraction that experienced meditators warn one about. I endured them all. By the last session I had decided what my most effective meditation practice was: the practices that I’d done countless times before and had worked. Seems obvious, yes, but until you try other practices you have no framework upon which to compare.

What was my most effective practice, you may ask? It wasn’t just one, it was several. I have a very active mind and to tame it, it requires tasks to focus on that change. Doing the same thing for an hour doesn’t work for me.

I began with a simple practice of imagining the limbs and torso of the body as hollow and that I could breathe through them systematically. From here I practised a mental version of nadi shodhana, then breathed “Aum” into and out of Ajna Chakra. From here, I practiced breathing “Aum” through Sushumna. It all proved to be very effective and I was deep in meditation when the chimes went off to come back out.

It really goes to show that you don’t mess with what works. It’s great to try new things and see if you’re ready for something different, but in times of meditational hardship one must go back to the tried-and-true 😉

Blessings in your own meditation endeavours!

Hari om x

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